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46123 Dental Implants

According to statistics, by the age of 50 or so, the average American has lost 12 permanent teeth. While this number includes the four wisdom teeth, losing the others can frequently be attributed to periodontal disease, tooth decay or injury. Since losing teeth can affect the look and function of your smile, it’s important to replace it in a reasonable period of time, to avoid causing problems for the adjacent teeth and for your overall dental health. Here at Amborski Dentistry we offer 46123 dental implants that come the closest to replicating the look, feel and function of natural teeth

46123 Dental Implants

Dental implants provide a stable anchoring point for a crown, bridge, or overdenture and function much like the roots of your own teeth. For many people, the secure fit of implants is preferable to conventional substitutes like dentures or traditional fixed bridges that require placing a dental crown for support. Dental implants not only come the closest out of all options in tooth replacement to replicating all aspects of natural teeth, you also won’t have to deal with any eating restrictions or added challenges in terms of speaking or maintaining your smile. With proper care, a dental implant can replace a natural tooth for a lifetime.

If you’re self-conscious about missing teeth and are interested in the most stable and lifelike way to rebuild your smile, come talk to Dr. Amborski and his team to see if 46123 dental implants are an option for you. We can provide custom fitted implants to replace a single tooth or an entire set of teeth. Assisted by the most advanced technology, Dr. Amborski can determine the precise placement for your implant and create an individualized treatment plan to return your smile to its full potential.

From a routine exam and cleaning to full-mouth rehabilitation, our practice is equipped to handle all your dental needs. Our office uses state-of-the-art equipment and upholds the strictest sterilization techniques, so you can be sure that you and your family are in safe hands. For more information about 46123 dental implants or to schedule an appointment with our dentist, call our office today!

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