Where can I find an Avon Dentist?

When it comes to keeping teeth plaque-free and avoiding dental decay, routine oral care at home and biannual checkups and cleanings from your dentist are supremely important. Dental decay and gum disease are the two most common conditions affecting dental health; but with a regular oral hygiene regimen and the help of your Avon dentist, they’re completely preventable!

Avon Dentist

Cavities develop when plaque is not adequately removed on a consistent basis. While dental plaque harbors colonies of bacteria that are harmful to oral health, being diligent about removing it is the single most effective way to prevent cavities from forming. Here at Amborski Dentistry we place an emphasis on preventing, detecting, and dental disease early on, so that small issues don’t cascade into bigger oral health problems. When you visit our office for a checkup our dental team will employ the most advanced dental technology and techniques to carefully evaluate your teeth, gums, and jaw for any sign of dental disease or developing problems. Detecting and treating tooth decay in its earliest stages offers the best prognosis and is the tried and true way to spend more time enjoying the benefits of a healthy smile. Every exam performed by your Avon dentist is accompanied by a thorough, professional teeth cleaning to remove any harmful accumulations of dental plaque or tartar that you may have missed while brushing or flossing.

For more information on our comprehensive selection of dental services, or to schedule an appointment with your Avon dentist for care, give us a call today. We welcome patients of all ages for care and our friendly, compassionate office team will ensure you and every member of your family feel comfortable as soon as you step through our doors. When your family chooses our practice for care, you can rest assured their smiles are in the best of hands!

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